Hadoop Services

Today one of most wanted data Analytic platforms and Big Data career is Apache Hadoop framework.

Hadoop was initially developed by Yahoo, then opensourced and donated to ASF. Now there are number of Hadoop variation, Apache, CDH etc.

NetAngelS offers set of Hadoop operations services, included , but limited to:

  • Planning and design of Hadoop cluster.
  • Installation and support of any size Hadoop clusters.
  • Installation and support of any of Hadoop ecosystem components
    Capacity planning of Hadoop clusters
  • Fine tuning of Hadoop clusters for specified Map/Reduce tasks
  • Fine tuning of HBase clusters
  • Hadoop security planning
  • Hadoop High-Availability planning and installation
    Monitoring of Hadoop Ecosystem components
  • Consultation about Hadoop Ecosystem components
  • Installation and support of 3-rd party Hadoop ecosystem components

Staying on point means staying connected. At NetAngelS we’re always on the clock. With more experience across more production customers, Cloudera is the leader in providing Hadoop support 24/7. We stay focused on your queries so you can stay focused on results.