Monitoring is a critical IT function that has a wide range of benefits for businesses of all sizes. It can save money in network performance, employee productivity and infrastructure costs, and it is far more strategic than its name implies. It involves watching and reporting on problems 24/7, but it’s also about optimizing data flow and access in a complex and changing environment.

We offer reliable 24/7 Human Monitoring service with guaranteed 10 minutes response time. With our service you can be sure that any problem which may affect your service will be noticed and escalated in maximum 10 minutes. So you are sure that someone is watching your systems and taking care of it 24/7/365 .

To address this we have created OddEye Monitoring and anomaly detection suite . OddEye is one of the world’s most advanced monitoring platforms. It provides an all in one monitoring and anomaly detection suite. We utilize machine learning to detect anomalies and generate real-time alerts. OddEye’s main goal has always been to minimize human intervention and provide feature rich dashboards with intuitive configuration parameters. Our platform is system and sensor agnostic and can detect anomalies and plot data for any systems, sending metrics to our API servers.

Problem management and escalation is performed individually by previously agreed mechanism.

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