Building security into your business and IT processes and integrating it with your existing technology infrastructure and investments has never been more critical. Driving this need is the exponential growth of data center transformation, virtualization, social business, mobility and attack sophistication. To address these issues, you need to be able to make faster and more intelligent business decisions surrounding your overall security and risk management posture.

As security threats become more sophisticated, IT organizations must move from pure compliance to proactive defense and value-creation. Accenture Security Solutions professionals leverage decades of experience, deep industry knowledge and business-process know-how to help protect against threats, minimize risks and enable the adoption of new technologies that promote growth.

NetAngels professionals will consult and integrate high level of security to you network infrastructure, will do vulnerability analyzes and suggest appropriate solution to ensure that your network is secured.

Services                                                        Security Technologies

Security tools                                              Snort
Firewalls                                                      Nessus
Application Security Auditing                 IPtables
Systems Security Auditing                       OpenVPN
VPN Integration                                         OSSEC
Incident Response                                     SSL and IPSEC
Forensic Investigation                              OpenVAS
Disk Encryption                                         PGP and GPG
Transport Encryption                               SSH and Stunnel

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